The long nights…

Hey, beautiful people! How has your week been? A new routine I have started in lockdown is having some quiet time in the middle of the afternoon. It is typically about 3pm as the sky is beginning to darken, I light a candle and read a chapter of Mark’s gospel. Honestly, I look forward to this time; spending it with the Lord as the longer … Continue reading The long nights…

Self-Sabotage (Struggling in a time of uncertainty)

To finish this series, I want us to look at the issue of self-sabotage. This will not apply to everyone, but I do want to challenge those of us, myself included, who are putting barriers and limitations in our way; to stop ourselves progressing forward. Some of us have been doing it for a while now and it is an issue that needs to be … Continue reading Self-Sabotage (Struggling in a time of uncertainty)

Hope (Struggling in a time of uncertainty)

The past few blogs have focused on raw emotions, purpose, and rejection. Now I want to take some time to focus on hope. What keeps us going even through our toughest days? How can we be optimistic even when we are struggling? This blog will be sharing some lessons I have learned and how others have implemented changes in order to cope with all they … Continue reading Hope (Struggling in a time of uncertainty)

Raw Emotion (Struggling in a time of uncertainty)

Hello Everybody! I currently have no glasses at the moment and will not have glasses for the next few weeks. I do not want to have to postpone blogs until I get them. They may be shorter but I hope they will still be encouraging. The topics I am going to be dealing with this month is struggling in a time of uncertainty. Each week … Continue reading Raw Emotion (Struggling in a time of uncertainty)